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Bridal Portraits with Pizzazz

The focus of bridal portraits is on you as a beautiful bride – relax, enjoy, and remember these helpful tips!

  1. You don’t always have to smile or be looking at the camera. The back of your dress is just as stunning as the front, so show off every angle.
  2. Show off what your mama gave you! Sitting in a chair facing catty-corneredgives women a flattering S-shape.
  3. When striking a pose, keep your arms floating away from your body. This gives your pose a more delicate line from head to toe.
  4. Keep your chin up! Not only do you look more confident, but you can avoid an unwanted double chin.
  5. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy yourself! Take the time to get your hair and nails done. Include unique accessories that encompass the beautiful bride you are!