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DIY isn’t just for your home

DIY home projects are all the rage on sooo many tv channels these days but that’s not the only place you can get your DIY on! Use your skills creatively to decorate you wedding and reception spaces. With the advent of Pinterest there are now MILLIONS of ideas for making your own decorations. Check out some of our favorite ideas here:

  • Need a backdrop for your cake table? Just take a few old, chippy doors, some “L” brackets, some 1” screws, an old single step wooden ladder, an assortment of flowers, and a few yards of tulle and you’ll have a whimsical backdrop that will wow your guests. Arrange the doors like a room divider, screwing the the “L” brackets on the back a few inches from top, in the middle, and a few inches from the bottom of the door. Once that’s done, lay the wooden ladder on top of the doors and loop some tulle through the rungs of the ladder. Arrange some of the wedding flowers to the ladder with floral wire and, voila, you will have a beautiful place to display your wedding cake! When the wedding day is over, use it as a centerpiece in a flower garden to train some roses over.
  • Dollar Tree has a great variety of vases that your guests will think are designer once you get done with them! If you don’t see what you are looking for in the store be sure to check out their website and have them shipped for free to a local store. Once you find the perfect ones, create graduating gold bands around them by using a little painter’s tape to mask off the area.  Then, use light layers of gold spray paint until you reach a full band look. Once dry, you can paint on some craft glue and sprinkle the bands with gold glitter. Customize your vases to match your wedding decor and place them throughout the reception space filled with bold florals. Using various styles and sizes of vases creates a stunning designer look.
  • Have you noticed how many designers often use a simple item to decorate a tabletop like burlap or craft paper then add an elegant ribbon, delicate lace, and little sprigs of lavender to jazz it up? THAT is how you save money and draw the attention to the more elegant details. Try it yourself by using some brown craft paper folded into a little pocket and placed on each plate at the reception for the silverware to be held in. You can then wrap the pocket in some simple lace and slip a little flower in with the utensils. Or try using some raffia to tie your silverware together and make craft paper tags with a cute saying on them. You could even bring in some greenery by slipping a magnolia leaf in with the silverware to complete the look and add interest.

In the end the goal is to save money but still achieve the designer look so be sure to look around you for things that you can incorporate and spend your money wisely. After all, you really want to spend your money building amazing memories on your honeymoon anyway!