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Familiar Decorations

When deciding on how to decorate your wedding venue you don’t have to blow the budget on flowers and rented vases or candelabras. Look around your home and ask your family if you can borrow key pieces. Think about these ideas:
Do you have a special memory of lunches at Grandma’s house? How about using some of her tableclothes on your cake table or gift table? Maybe she had a collection of head scarves that she would wear each Sunday to church. Use them to place under the centerpieces on each table. These would both fit into a vintage styled wedding and would bring Grandma’s spirit into your wedding. 
Do you and your fiance love a good book? How about collecting your favorite books together and artfully stacking three or four on each table with a few candles as centerpieces? (Be sure to remove the dust covers for a more classy look.) You could also place a cute blank card at each plate setting for guests to write their favorite book(s) on as a suggestion for you to read.
Is your wedding theme rustic or vintage? Look for old, chippy window panes being stored in your family’s barns or garages. These look great propped up on pint sized mason jars with white Christmas lights and colored tulle underneath them.  Use this elevated surface as a place to display memorial pictures, pictures of you and your fiance,  or your cake at the reception.
Want to bring the outdoors in at your venue? Wooden details as your table decorations are all the rage but don’t spend tons of money buying them. Look around your yard to see if any of your trees need some pruning. If you have any large limbs that need to be removed from your trees, slice the limbs into 1 ½” discs and let them dry out in a place free from any moisture. Then sand and shellac (with matte shellac) and put them on each table with some candles, moss, and succulents and you have a beautiful woodsy looking display. Add a cloche over the succulents and the candle light will add a sparkle to your reception!
Shop in your family’s homes! I’m sure Mom and Dad would be happy to help you save money and we all know that they have had many years to decorate their home! Combine some of their decorations and yours at your venue and you will soon find that it looks beautiful and doesn’t need anything more. Plus that will make Mom and Dad feel special and included!
In the end, remember that the decorations are not as important as the love that fills your wedding venue!