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Honeymoon or bust!

After all that a wedding costs, are you worried about being able to afford a honeymoon? There are a few ways to save some bucks and still have a romantic getaway.

There are four times each year that are known as “dead zones.” These times are sandwiched in between peak times, when there is a lull in normal travel. In January, right after the New Year’s rush, is a great time to get deals on hotels, resorts, rental cars, and airfare. And those deals extend throughout most of the spring until spring break week, where they go back to normal prices again. Another price drop happens in late August, then again in October, and in the first two weeks of December. If you schedule your wedding around these times of year you will be sure to get some great deals on your honeymoon plans and your guests coming in from other states will also get a deal on their hotel rooms and airfare as well. Check here to see if your wedding day is in one of these deal zones: https://www.farecompare.com/maps

When deciding on where to go, be sure to maximize your search by doing a these essential tasks:
~Set yourself up with travel alerts on sites that will search the web for deals. 
~You don’t necessarily need to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding so be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes you can get better prices on airfare by leaving on a day in the middle of the week when sales are low and the airlines need to fill empty seats. 
~Be sure to compare prices and the other perks from one travel deal to the next. Some deals may offer things that others don’t. For example, if you book an all inclusive resort you will save on the cost of your meals but if you choose to stay at a hotel in a great city, you will have that added expense. 

With just a little research you can have the honeymoon of your dreams!