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If The Shoe Fits…Wear It!

Breaking in your shoes that are going to be worn on your wedding day is incredibly important. Why, you may ask? Nobody wants deal with terrible blisters on the backs of their feet or soreness during the wedding day. So what can you do to prevent such an awful thing from happening?

  • Wear wool socks while you are breaking in the wedding shoes a little bit every day about beginning a month before the big day.
  • Heat the leather of the shoes with a hairdryer before putting them on.
  • Buy multiple pairs. This is not just another excuse to buy more shoes, though that’s never a bad thing. You’ll need a pair to comfortably have during the prep-portion of the wedding. Wear a more formal pair for the actual wedding ceremony, and then pull out some dancing shoes!

If you are a bride that loves shoes and finds them an important aspect to the wedding, these simple break-in ideas will surely come in handy!