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Trendy Florals

2017 was all about flower crowns but say bye bye to them in 2018! For the upcoming year there are a bunch of new wedding floral trends that will make you look like a fairytale bride and your venue look like the stage of a movie star’s wedding. And they won’t break the bank. Here are a few trends coming:

  • 2017 was the year of pastels. No more in 2018! Look for bolder, deeper hues in your flowers such as deep burgundy, magenta or deep blues and purples. Some favorites are Dahlias, Hellebores, purple ranunculus, and Ruby Cloud Astrantia.
  • Want your venue to look royalty is getting married? A new trend emerging is large floral pieces placed throughout the wedding space and reception space. No more table centerpieces taking center stage. Use your floral budget to spread the beauty and be bold! Make the pieces unique using palm fronds and flowers not normally used. Some favorite flowers are Astilbe,  Dusty Miller, and succulents, succulents, succulents!
  • Don’t put your centerpieces ON the table- hang them! This is a super chic way to really make a design statement that is GUARANTEED to stun your guests and show how stylish you are!
  • Flowers aren’t just for decorating your venue. In lieu of the bulky floral crown of 2017, opt for a delicate more tiara-like floral arrangement in your hair. Stick with smaller flowers such as spray roses, daisies, or ranunculus. Want a real statement piece? How about a floral bracelet or necklace. Flowers attached to ribbon are being seen draped across the bride’s shoulders or on her wrist instead of a traditional bouquet.