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You want me to wear what?

Have you ever seen that TLC show where a mom desperately wants her daughter to wear her old wedding gown but the daughter isn’t so sure? On the show, a designer alters mom’s dress to make it potentially something that the daughter might wear while the host of the show takes the daughter dress shopping hoping to lure her to a new, more modern style. Herein lies the challenge! Do you have a mom (or even a grandmother) that would just LOVE for you to carry on the family tradition and wear her dress but it really isn’t your style? There are ways to keep the tradition going in a slightly altered form, IF mom is game.

Why not start a new tradition? Sometimes pieces from a dress are more beautiful than the dress itself so, if mom agrees, take those pieces and use them on your wedding day. Some ideas include hand sewing appliques from the train of mom’s dress to your veil, making the ring bearer’s pillow out of your favorite pieces of the dress, or even taking some lace from it and attaching it onto the handle of your bouquet.

If cutting up a family heirloom makes you cringe with guilt, how about having it displayed in a shadow box as part of the memories table at the reception? Or, if it fits, you could have some bridals taken in it and display the portraits at the reception. Maybe the dress isn’t your style or your size but the veil has a classic design that would fit well with the style of your dress. Give it a try- you might be surprised how much you love how it looks and how much it means to you (and her) to be wearing it.

Today’s weddings are all about creating a day that portrays who you are as an individual and as a couple so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and use things that have significant meaning to you. These ideas can start a tradition that could include dresses from the most significant women in your life and bring their spirit to each wedding for generations to come.